About 2 Day funding

Meeting a Critical Need on Main Street


The vast majority of America’s Main Street businesses can’t obtain a bank loan because they don’t have assets to secure a loan and the loan amount they need is often too small for banks to consider.

This mismatch between Main Street businesses and bank lending criteria has existed for decades and affects all of us. When Main Street businesses can’t get access to adequate capital, we lose economic growth, we lose job growth, we lose tax revenues and more.

We started 2 Day Funding in 2010 as a nationwide non-bank lender dedicated to solving this problem. Using technology and proprietary credit algorithms, combined with a direct sales model, we’ve now been successfully lending to Main Street for 8 years.

Success Comes from Customer Focus 


We’ve succeeded because:

  • We offer busy small business owners a fast and convenient borrowing experience with a 2-minute online application, instant credit decision, multiple loan options, and next day funding.
  • Our proven credit algorithms are specifically designed for Main Street businesses and measure the stability of the business, rather than evaluating assets or collateral.
  • We offer guaranteed low rates made possible by selling direct, rather than through brokers.
  • We have consistently demonstrated that we are a trustworthy and reliable financial partner for our small business borrowers as proven by the outstanding customer reviews and ratings that we have received for 14 years.

Today, we’re proud to say that we’ve grown our loan volume every year since 2010, originating more than $375,000,000 in loans to America’s small businesses.

So, if you are a small business owner, give us a call today (212) 514-1479 and see how 2 Day Funding can help your business grow!

I’ve only been in business 6 months?

No problem! Our minimum requirements are:

  • 6 months in business
  • 500 credit score
  • and $175,000 in annual gross revenue

can i get another loan if i need more after the first 15 days?

Yes! Our goal is to become your cash flow solution when you are unable to get credit at your local bank or through the SBA. In fact, many of our clients use both, traditional bank loans and our solutions for short term liquidity constraints.  

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